SICS/srishtis is a scam company!!

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Srishtis will never finish your job!

We awarded them a job through, then they insisted on we created the job on, and then we awarded the job on, because they have better chance cheating and fooling us on that page.

Srishtis delayed 2x2 weeks, and 1x 1 week. We got promised finale release many times, and yet they keep delivering an app which is no way near the finale product as asked for in description and which we agreed on.

The App doesn't work, its extremely, and misses a bunch of features. So its very far from being finished. Developers and owner did request 450 USD OUTSIDE (illegal act), and they insisted on us paying through paypal, instead of elance. So

we sent them 450 USD (we have all mails from paypal, and chatlogs) .

The team thus insisted on illegal act, and since we are totally new and this is first time for us to use online freelancer service, we feel we have been fooled and cheated by this company - SICS/srishtis.

We cancled the job more than a week ago, and still we have not recieved our 450 USD from SICS/srishtis.

I believe that there are no doubt that SICS/srishtis is a scam company providing services/developing website/apps on freelancer and But we are here to tell the freelancing websites to ban this company, and also to tell the companies out there looking for outsourcing jobs - DONT USE SICS/srishtis!!

SICS/srishtis is a scam!

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